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Sluts and whores

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Sluts and whores

There is of course some controversy about whether these words can even be reclaimed. That would not fix anything.

But they all seem to. But good men need to start speaking up. It ificantly and unnecessarily complicates sexuality for the majority of us.

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And before someone comes after me for that, I am not saying we should make male ajd. I just don't understand why you would so casually use a word that has been used to repress women for centuries and even today? I am utterly sick of watching men and some women tear down women and girls for their sexual choices -- when most of us will celebrate those exact same choices when they are made by men!

A woman we can own.

What other reason would they have, right? A sexually self-empowered woman, on the other hand, is sexual in the ways she wants to be, when she wants to be, and with whomever she wants to be with. dhores

Sluts & whores

I need that for all of us, but I especially need it for my daughter, who will soon grow into a young woman. And it troubles them. Too much of a good thing Safe sex requires sexual safety!

To err is human, but it feels divine. We need to call out -- and call off -- our misogynist brothers. Those are not very easy ideas to hold on to [simultaneously].

And it is this fear of female promiscuity and, I would argue, the fear of female strength in general that contributes to the mutilation of female genitals throughout too much of the world. Have you ever wondered why so many women choose to dress in an overtly sexual manner on Halloween? And I am sick of it.

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Tragic because the vast majority of humanity would very much like to be able to fully embrace and thoroughly inhabit our sexual selves. Those words, if you really take the time to sit down and think about them, are words that are deed to keep women in their place — the kitchen, with the babies. Or maybe she is an adulteress.

And even in societies like ours, where the clitoris is generally spared any ritual physical cutting or destruction, we still seek to deny females the option of pursuing their own pleasure on their own terms! Snow White, because she slept with the seven dwarfs and got away with it. A woman who, although sexual, is only for our use and disposal.

Because I anx our society to be a sexually healthier place. As a young woman she penned and staged a play that was actually called Sex.

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But I do feel a need to speak up because so many other men -- so many of my hetero brothers -- are so busy harshly condemning and viciously attacking women and girls for their expressions and enactments of sexuality. And they refuse to submit to our domination. A hard man is good to find. Our sexual environment is badly contaminated by puritanical, patriarchal attitudes that attempt to strip women of their sexual power.

They want to control women. I wish Fey would tell that to girls everywhere. But this is not yet an ideal world. And this difficulty abd greatly magnified when the woman also happens to an the mother of their children. October 13, Sarah M FeminismGirlsMedia Sluts and Whores You know whored scene in Mean Girls where Tina Fey's character tells all the girls that they need to stop calling each other sluts and whores because it only makes it okay for guys to call them sluts and whores?

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So the case for either of these terms is looking pretty weak. According to Merriam-webster. Embracing the identity.