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Raymond antonio

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We enjoyed such a wonderful, happy and loving childhood together, and as we grew into adulthood, I sought him for sound and trusted advice.

Thank you. To Raymond, there was a big difference between having a goal and having a purpose. May he Rest In Peace. My sister and I always felt that Raymond was a reservoir of knowledge because he was so widely read.

Thanks, little brother, job well done! You will forever antoonio in my heart until we meet again. His silence spoke volumes Many loved him I love him We will always love him He will forever live on in our hearts. The bond you and your siblings had was so beautiful.

In memoriam of raymond antonio

He had a vision for living a life that was heroic. He was important He was a great thinker He had a great heart He was special to me He was special to many He was an inspiration He was a role-model He was a leader He anotnio an example He was kind He was my favorite and will forever be my favorite.

There was absolutely nothing that he could not play, even from ear. He would play in two keys at once and dared you to sing the correct one. Ray was patient and kind in his assistance to each member. He also loved to travel and would make sure that all the details were taken care of.

Elder raymond antonio passes at 58

We called him the walking encyclopedia, as he did, in fact, read encyclopedias from cover to cover. At the young age of six years, Raymond was afforded the opportunity of sitting under the musical tutelage of the great Eric Cash.

Who would have thought that God would call you next. When the bigger boys would allow them, they played basketball on Chippingham Park. I never imagined life without you He loved each of us cousins unconditionally and never asked us to be anything more than just ourselves. I look forward to that with great anticipation!! We laughed together; we went to almost all of the restaurants in Nassau.

Until his death Ray was a steady, larger than life force in the choir. He felt that appropriate music for worship is that which takes our minds from earth to heaven; that which causes us to lose sight of everything that is around us and to focus on God, to focus on the essence of life, to focus on His creation and to set our hearts on His soon return.

To all the nieces and nephews, I salute you for doing the only thing we could do Rsymond faith in God was strong and he was a living testament of the goodness of God in his life. The wonderful relationship Raymond had with his wife was evident from the fact that they went everywhere together — church, concerts, overseas travel, even the food store.

This is painful. May the coming of the Lord hasten so that our eternal togetherness can tangibly begin. You gave the best hugs. Raymond achieved ultimate success. And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long, Steals on the ear the distant triumph song, Antonoi hearts are brave, again, and arms are strong.

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Raymond knew how to celebrate each birthday and anniversary and made life very special for Terry and Thea. All efforts had obviously paid off because Raymond later became one of the finest pianists and accompanists in the Bahamas. Raymond believed that music was a gift given to man by God and that its sole purpose was to praise and to worship God.

I will miss your awesome hugs and your forehead kisses which meant the world to me. If he ever became angry, you would never have known as he remained calm and silent.

He was not merely a brother-in-law, he was my brother. He would take the time to record sectional music when raymobd. It points us to a land of rest, Where saints with Christ will reign; Where we shall meet the loved of earth, And never part again. Raymond I love you because you were all a man should be, because you showed anntonio and joy and kindness. Every time I see an individual of great character I salute them.

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ramond I love you and will miss you. Soon, the test of time came when his sister, Lynn, left for College, and Raymond, at the age of 12, was asked to play the piano for the Centerville SDA Church services. I honor my father I enjoyed his humor and admired his many and varied talents.

Although a man of little words, the words you did speak was sure to always make me laugh, smile and feel warm inside.